Night 5-card Spread

This spread is for people who want to use Tarot as a tool to help them dream correctly (and hopefully reach Lucid Dreaming as I try ?). It allows you to have an insight on how your next night will be. This is particularly focused on how successful you are at dreaming…

If you don’t understand all these acronyms below, I advise you to look there.

Here’s the spread !

Night 5-card Spread

  1. What will happen before you fall asleep? For the dreamers, it also includes any WILD/MILD/autosuggestion attempts, and daydreaming.
  2. What will happen during the first part of the night? I consider it as what’s happening before 4 am (roughly), during your first sleep cycles. For WBTB dreamers, that corresponds to how successful you are regarding dreams before you wake up for your WBTB attempt.
  3. What will happen during the second part of the night? That’s what’s happening between 4 and 6 am. For WBTB dreamers, this hints to your waking time before you go back to bed for the real attempt.
  4. What will happen at dawn? This includes any time after 6 am, and until you wake up. For dreamers, it is mostly about your WBTB attempt.
  5. What will happen after your night? This is also about DILD.

As you can notice, it’s very focused on dreamers… however, I guess it can also be useful for these studying their sleeping patterns, or people working during nights.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


The Analyzer 7-card spread

This is a tool to analyze anything. Really. From that building in the front of your house, to that weird character that you met in your last dream or any kind of paranormal being… It should give pretty nice information about them. I tried it, and I believe it works. Try it yourself too ! This time with 7 cards.

 Analysis 7-card spread

  1. What is this thing ? Which means : what is this thing’s role ?
  2. The reason why you could see the thing : was it invisible ? were you focused enough ? did you try hard to see it ? were you meant to see it ?
  3. Is that thing powerful or is it a lesser being ?
  4. Is that thing important in the world in which it lives ?
  5. Is it a friendly being ? What’s its behavior ?
  6. How is this thing related to you ?
  7. Summary : gives you general insight about the thing. Don’t draw this card, but add up all the other cards’ numbers, then the figures that make up this number if it’s strictly greater than 22. Then take the corresponding arcana.

Another important thing with this spread : be aware of any possible links between axis cards :

  • 1-7-6
  • 2-7-5
  • 3-7-4

That may contain data that the Tarot wants to highlight.

Enjoy !