Pyramid 6-card Spread

This spread is specifically designed if you got a particularly unclear Past/Present/Future reading. It shows new elements to analyze the situation and, hopefully, understand everything. Also, it’s very special to draw : each card is the sum of these directly below.

Pyramid Spread

  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future
  4. = Card 1 + Card 2. This explains why things happened this way.
  5. = Card 2 + Card 3. This represents the consequences of the events currently happening.
  6. = Card 4 + Card 5. This is the summary of the reading (which card you would draw if you had to draw only one).

To use this spread, start from your Past/Present/Future reading (cards 1, 2 and 3), then sum the cards up as described to get the new cards. No additional random card drawing there, as you simply want deeper understanding of your current data.

Hope it helps. Enjoy!


The Five Elements 6-card spread

I’m… very surprised that no one has ever posted anything about this spread. It’s very powerful, and can be applied to a wide number of things! I personally use it to understand a person’s moods and emotions…

How it works : I try to link Chinese philosophy and Tarot in this spread, by binding every card drawn to each of the five Chinese elements : wood, fire, earth, metal, water. The last card is, as usual, a synthesis that you can get by summing up the value of all the arcanas that you drew.

Here it is :

The Five Elements 6-card Spread

You can see here on Wikipedia what each element represents. Be careful though : several other websites would replace the Earth’s emotion, Love, by¬†Worries, which is also what I use in my readings.

Here’s how I use this spread to understand a person’s emotions:

  1. The Wood element: I use this to represent the person’s anger.
  2. The Fire element: that’s for the person’s joy.
  3. The Earth element: that’s to understand their worries.
  4. The Metal element: that represents their grief.
  5. The Water element: that stands for their fears.
  6. Synthesis: pretty much the person’s general mood.

Of course, that’s only one possible use of this spread. There are so many other ones!

  • Guessing how intense the person’s mental qualities are
  • Guessing some food’s taste
  • Guessing the rough age of someone
  • Guessing how something looks like
  • And so on…

I encourage you to try this one. It’s pretty powerful, especially to read a person’s feelings!