Night 5-card Spread

This spread is for people who want to use Tarot as a tool to help them dream correctly (and hopefully reach Lucid Dreaming as I try ?). It allows you to have an insight on how your next night will be. This is particularly focused on how successful you are at dreaming…

If you don’t understand all these acronyms below, I advise you to look there.

Here’s the spread !

Night 5-card Spread

  1. What will happen before you fall asleep? For the dreamers, it also includes any WILD/MILD/autosuggestion attempts, and daydreaming.
  2. What will happen during the first part of the night? I consider it as what’s happening before 4 am (roughly), during your first sleep cycles. For WBTB dreamers, that corresponds to how successful you are regarding dreams before you wake up for your WBTB attempt.
  3. What will happen during the second part of the night? That’s what’s happening between 4 and 6 am. For WBTB dreamers, this hints to your waking time before you go back to bed for the real attempt.
  4. What will happen at dawn? This includes any time after 6 am, and until you wake up. For dreamers, it is mostly about your WBTB attempt.
  5. What will happen after your night? This is also about DILD.

As you can notice, it’s very focused on dreamers… however, I guess it can also be useful for these studying their sleeping patterns, or people working during nights.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Life 5-card altered spread

Here’s a nice little spread about life. It’s very inspired from this one, except that I have simply added a card at the center that would be the synthesis of everything. This one can be obtained by adding up all other cards’ values.

Here’s the spread :

Life 5-card altered spread

Enjoy !

Weather Forecast 5-card spread

I’ve been trying to work on my Weather Forecast spread, and I don’t think it’s possible to make something realistic with only 3 cards… The last one, “other stuff card”, is really way too unclear to be understood correctly.

Therefore, here’s an improved version of it, with 5 cards :


For the 2nd card, you have to ask whether the weather is going to be hot or cold according to common sense (hot during summer, cold during winter).

The 5th card is, as usual, a synthesis that you can get by summing up the value of all the arcanas that you drew.

I’m using this spread to test whether the Tarot can forecast weather, and according to my current results, it has an accuracy of more than 70% ! That’s a pretty nice result if you compare it to meteorology.

Enjoy !

Daytime 5-card spread

This 5-card spread allows you to have a detailed analysis of the upcoming day. Usually, it works well for the next day.

This is heavily inspired of the Stay in Bed Spread. However, I made some adjustments on it regarding my previous readings and so that it includes all the elements of your typical work day, and not only the drive to work time. Also, I thought it was somehow unbalanced : the Stay-in-Bed spread is too focused on the morning, and there’s nothing about lunchtime.

So… here it is :

Daytime 5-card Spread

  1. How are things before you go to work?
  2. How is morning?
  3. How is lunchtime?
  4. How is the afternoon?
  5. How are things after work?

Just like in the SiB spread, the card’s locations are a reference to the sun’s position during the day.

Enjoy !