Pyramid 6-card Spread

This spread is specifically designed if you got a particularly unclear Past/Present/Future reading. It shows new elements to analyze the situation and, hopefully, understand everything. Also, it’s very special to draw : each card is the sum of these directly below.

Pyramid Spread

  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future
  4. = Card 1 + Card 2. This explains why things happened this way.
  5. = Card 2 + Card 3. This represents the consequences of the events currently happening.
  6. = Card 4 + Card 5. This is the summary of the reading (which card you would draw if you had to draw only one).

To use this spread, start from your Past/Present/Future reading (cards 1, 2 and 3), then sum the cards up as described to get the new cards. No additional random card drawing there, as you simply want deeper understanding of your current data.

Hope it helps. Enjoy!


3-card spreads

Here are the main generic 3-card spreads I use :

Past/ Present / Future

The classic one. Everyone use it, and it works pretty well !

Context / Solution x 2

The last two cards are to be interpreted together here. They’re both explaining the solution. I think it makes the whole interpretation easier.

Context / Solution / Advice

This is an alternative of the Context / Solution 2-card spread. I really like the “Advice” card which can be pretty helpful to understand things !

I’ll keep updating this post as I gain experience with Tarot, so you can check it out from time to time.

Enjoy !

Event Analysis 3-card spread

Here’s a fast spread that can be used to understand an event, whatever it is. It could be useful for pretty much anything, from understanding your first date to analyzing the appearance of a ghost, or why it’s raining today… Pretty much of an all-arounder.

I have based this 3-card version on the classic “past-present-future” spread. I need to try it… Let’s hope it’ll work.

Event Analysis 3-card Spread

Enjoy ! And tell me if it works !