My decks

Here are the decks I use for my readings :

Macabre Roncial

that’s my favourite and most-trusted one. I have a very deep connection with it, and it usually gives me fairly accurate results. As you could have guessed, it is really open to weird experimentation and new ways to consider Tarot…

The card’s design is simply wonderful. Each one is an artistic masterpiece.

Even though it’s my first deck, I wouldn’t advise it to beginners. Some cards may confuse the reader more than anything else, and some meanings are somehow different. For instance, the Fool has an aura of rebellion here, instead of innocence in the classic Rider-Waite cards.

There’s one thing that is really great with this deck : it is well-suited for meditation. Every character represented is open, and patient enough to explain you the card’s meaning, either in general or in a particular reading. That’s probably the reason why I prefer it…

The Grand Etteilla

justice 3 of cups

I recently bought this deck at a local secondhand store for almost nothing. It’s almost new, and I like the drawings on it. I don’t know it much yet though, even if it’ll thankfully allow me to do readings with more than the Majors. Also, every card has one word written on it that somehow summarizes its meanings, making it pretty accessible to beginners.

The Grand Lenormand Deck

lenormandI barely know this deck, but I like the pictures on it. Also, the letters make it very handy if I want to talk to stuff nearby, I’ll have to try that… Let’s hope it works! Still, I don’t have many clues on this deck… except that page. Obviously not for beginners.

Feng Shui divinatory cards

Feng Shui

I don’t like De Vecchi. Their handbooks are… urgh. Basically, if you want to do cartomancy readings, don’t buy this deck. It’s awful, honestly. However… as these cards are focused on Feng Shui, which is mainly about manipulating energy flows within an area, it is really great to create a local space with a very specific purpose. This is how I use them, and they’re quite powerful for that.


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