Hello !

The nickname’s Merengil. Basically, I’m just another weirdo from our beloved Internet… I got a Tarot deck some time ago, a very weird one (it is mostly like an artistic deck, nothing serious like Rider-Waite or whatever, and it only has Major Arcanas, so that’s what I’m working with) and I decided to experiment some with it, to see what one could really do with this tool…

Surprisingly, I don’t believe in Tarot. I don’t think the cards have any power if they’re left alone. However… I believe in Fate. And life energy. I believe that if you can channel your qi ( = life energy, but I prefer that Chinese word) in your hand correctly, you can use Tarot as a way to communicate with Fate.

I think of Tarot as a tool. However, I don’t think that it can be resumed to the simple questions about one’s life, relationship or career. In my opinion, Tarot is much more powerful than that, as it is able to answer any question its own way.

Dear traveler, if you accept me as I am, you’ll find all of this Tarot Weirdness I’ve been experimenting so far. Hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as I do.

Some of the very useful Tarot resources I have found :

http://www.biddytarot.com/tarot-card-meanings/major-arcana/ : you’ll need that page if you have trouble with Arcanas.

http://www.biddytarot.com/easy-three-card-tarot-spreads/ : this is a very good 3-card spread starter page. In general, Biddy Tarot has pretty much all that you need about Tarot.

http://www.angelpaths.com/spreads3.html : here’s the Celtic Cross spread I use. It’s a bit different from the other ones, yet I like it.

http://www.psychic-revelation.com/reference/q_t/tarot/tarot_spreads/index.html : several fun spreads here. Tried some that I liked.

And if you want to contact me, here’s my mail. Don’t hesitate, I’m always open to talking to people!


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