A Grand Lenormand tutorial

Recently, I discovered the Astro Mythological Lenormand deck. As I was first attracted by its wonderful symbols and pictures everywhere, I started doing some readings with it. However, it was pretty hard to gather data about it from the Internet. Curiously, english tutorials about Lenormand were kinda lacking… (the Astro Mythological one, not the small deck which has tons of tutorials ’round there) So I hope this brief introduction from a Grand-Lenormand amateur will help you.

Why The Grand Lenormand?

Why would you learn the Grand Lenormand Deck? Some people think it’s too hard for them, while others would answer they don’t need it or Tarot is enough. Let me give you my opinion: this Deck is not really more powerful than Tarot. You can do pretty much with Tarot alone. However, you would miss an opportunity to use a very specialized tool : while I wouldn’t use it for philosophical / spiritual questions, it seems to be very useful and accurate when you need precise answers to concrete, everyday problems. It can give a fairly detailed view of what’s going to happen to a person, or what is the relationship between Anna and Max, or what would happen if you sold your house and left your job to organize a huge trip all around the world.

The cards

Basically, the Grand Lenormand Deck (also called the Astro Mythological Lenormand Deck) contains 54 cards: 52 “classic” playing card games and 2 cards representing a male and a female querent. They can be divided in 5 categories :

  • The Conquest of the Golden Fleece, which represents Business.
  • The Trojan War, representing the Right of the Strong over the Weak.
  • Hermetic Knowledge (basically alchemy stuff), which represents Marriage, and more generally relations between people.
  • The Zodiac Cards, representing an amount of Time.
  • The Unexpected.

Here’s a link showing where each card can be found.

Here’s how each card looks like :

A Standard Lenormand CardAs you can see, it has a lot of data on it (and that’s what repelling most people). However, as a starter, you should focus mainly on 3 elements : the Main Picture, the Left Picture and the Right Picture. You’ll have to focus on the meaning of one of these images depending on the position of the card in your readings. All the other elements are miscellaneous symbols contributing to the card’s meaning, but you’ll have the occasion to learn these afterwards, I guess. I’ll add some useful links for you at the end of this.

So now, to the main topic : the reading itself.

A standard reading

Here’s how I do it, with my most basic spread :

  • Think of a question that follow these rules. You should focus on it for the next 3 steps, it’s very important if you want to have a nice reading.
  • Shuffle your cards.
  • Cut your deck with your left hand (some people care about that).
  • Take 5 cards with your left hand, and put them on a line. You can draw only 3 of them for a faster reading, or with more for a more detailed one, but I strongly advise to use an odd number of cards to have a central theme (this is important).

If you have no “querent” card in this reading :

Lenormand spreadAll the blue zones are significant in this reading.

  • Read the center picture of the central card. This should be the main message the reading conveys. You can also use the flowers/constellations/letters/geomantic figures for a deeper meaning.
  • Interpret the symbols and left pictures of the cards at the left of the central one. These tell about the querent’s intellect and morality.
  • Interpret the symbols and right pictures of the cards at the right of the central one. These speak of the querent’s desires, dreams and goals.

The querent card

Lenormand spread - QuerentThe Querent card in the reading.

If you have a “querent” card representing a person of the same gender, it is the central card, so you should interpret the reading accordingly. If it depicts a person of the opposite gender, then it’s someone that is pretty important to the querent’s life.

Additional data

Here are some websites that should be giving you some additional insight regarding this deck :

A website listing tables of cards meanings

A blog containing an english translation of cards meanings

A nice website about Geomancy

Even more data about Geomancy

Some data about Constellations

And… that’s all !

Please be indulgent, this tutorial is still evolving… Hope that helped !


4 thoughts on “A Grand Lenormand tutorial

  1. fennario says:

    Hi & thanks for the shoutout. 🙂
    Just wanted to mention there’s a source for those tables at the Golden Mousedeer blog – her post is from 2012, but I distinctly remember seeing those at Arlo’s old forum in 2008 or so. That forum is now defunct, so I can’t look for them there.

    “Golden Mousedeer” is fond of posting other peoples’ material without attribution, one of my friends had to send her a Cease & Desist letter to get her copypasted writing removed from that blog.

    Google reverse image search isn’t turning anything up for the tables but I know for a fact that they’re not Mousedeer’s, so if you see an older source for them do me a favor and let me know, OK? Thanks.

    • Zee says:

      Thanks, Had a look at Golden Mousedeer’s Blog. To be fair to her, if you read carefully she did say that those tables were not hers and that credit goes to whoever own it.
      I like her blog, very informative and well presented.

      • fennario says:

        Yes, that’s what she said about my friends 36 card Lenormand meanings, too. That’s not an excuse – common courtesy (AND the law) requires getting permission to use other peoples work, and crediting the author.

        Imagine if you were pulled over driving a stolen car and told the cop “It’s not mine, I don’t know whose it is. I just found it in a parking lot.”
        Same principle.

        If someone is generous to provide information free in a blog (or not free, in a book for that matter), the last thing anyone should be doing is slapping them in the face by copying their work without permission and presenting it without attribution. That Mousedeer person has a bad habit of doing this, and if you spend a little time with that blog, you’ll see that she really can’t even read cards. She’s a parasite attempting to make herself appear knowledgeable at the expense of the people who actually did the work.

        Most of us who blog about card reading also sell readings and/or courses through our blogs, and by siphoning traffic away from our sites (a search engine could easily present her blog more prominently than the original source), she’s causing us to lose much-needed income. My friend whose meanings she stole is chronically ill and lives on a fixed income, which she was supplementing with readings at the time. A reading meant that she got to eat that day. I have no tolerance for the kind of scumbucket behavior that Mousedeer engages in, and when I see it happening to anyone, I always alert the owner in hopes that they would do the same for me.

        I’ve been having to keep an eye on Mousedeer for years now and my conclusion is that either 1) she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing, or 2) she’s too mentally deficient to comprehend that what she is doing is wrong, in which case she’s also too mentally deficient to pretend to “teach”.

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